Inclement Weather Policy

We have 3 sections of classes: early morning (5:30a), mid morning (9:30a), evening (5:30-8p)

Early Morning: Closure of these classes will be listed on our Facebook Tribe by 4:45am. *** These closures may or may not be reflected on the online schedule before class starting time, so please check the Facebook Tribe.

Mid Morning: If Brighton Area Schools are closed, our mid-morning classes are cancelled. It will be reflected on the online schedule as well as posted in the Facebook Tribe. This will be posted as soon as we know and no later than 1 hour before classes begin.

Evening& Weekends: We will play this by ear depending on how the roads look. We will post closures on the Facebook Tribe as well as cancel them on the online schedule no later than an hour before classes begin.

about our classes

Our classes are heated and athletic. They all doable by anyone - IF you can just go with the flow and let go of perfection. Allow yourself to be a beginner and know that the first few times there will be a learning curve. We all had to start somewhere. Just leave your ego at the door and come to your mat ready to explore rather than conquer. Just listen to your body and don't try to compete with your neighbor. That said, our different class styles all have their purpose. Some have more instruction, some encourage more freedom, some focus on strength while others focus on cardio. Here is a quick comparison to let you know exactly what you're getting into!



• Stretch connective tissue

• Longer held passive stretches

• Focus is on melting into posture

** NOTE: Fitness Flow w/Yin is 30 minutes of Fitness Flow and 30 minutes of Yin**


• Great for those looking to move more

• Multiple flows to build heat

• Focus is on one breath one movement


Gentle Flow

• Slow repetitive active & passive postures

• Working deeper into posture over time

• Focus is on feeling the postures

Fitness Flow

• Fast moving through postures

• Less instruction but simple movements

• Focus is on cardio and raising heartrate

** NOTE: Fitness Flow w/Yin is 30 minutes of Fitness Flow and 30 minutes of Yin**



• Great for beginners

• More instruction and guidance

• Focus is on strength and slowing down

Come sweat with us!

2244 Euler Rd #106
Brighton Mi 48114


2244 Euler Rd #106, Brighton, MI 48114

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