Class Descriptions/Details

Gentle Flow: This class will allow you to slow down and release into your muscles with longer holding stretching, strengthening and twisting.  *This class is heated to 85-92 degrees to help warm the body for a more fluid relaxing stretch.  You will be guided through postures and leave this class feeling a sense of lightness, openness and relaxed. Available to all students interested in providing your mind & body an hour of much needed attention.

Slow Burn: This class consists of longer holding postures and further developing the breath and mindfulness connection.  Using a deeper breath, our Slow Burn class allows you to focus on the present moment and acknowledge what shows up for you when you bring your attention solely to your body.  *This class is completely guided and heated to 90-96 degrees.  Available to all students who wish to create the separation of your daily crazy and focus completely on the Mind-Body-Breath connection.

Guided Vinyasa Teacher led, our Guided Vinyasa class is great for beginners, as well as the experienced Yogi looking to reconnect with their breath (one breath/one posture flow).  Focusing on alignment and structure of the postures as the class creates a lengthen flow together - you will feel a sense of community and connection.  Throughout class a focus will be drawn to your own Mind-Body-Breath connection as we pause between flows.  *This class is heated to 90-98 degrees. Available to all levels.  

Vinyasa:  In this class you will connect your breath to your movement as you flow through a sequence of postures.  The teacher will guide you through the flow and then you will have the opportunity to flow at your pace on your own.  Each class is unique and can be modified or intensified depending on what your body needs. *This class is heated to 90-98 degrees, it consist of 3 warm-up flows, a core section, a longer hold and a restorative, hip-opener to end.  Some basic knowledge of poses is helpful when attending this class however if needed the teacher will give suggestions on how to modify and feel comfortable in this class if needed with added instruction.

Vinyasa +Weights: Similar to our regular Vinyasa, the students are guided through a Vinyasa flow, incorporating weights with the movement.  The weights are optional to the class; those that opt for the weights will focus on alignment and structure as you add to the posture: curls, lifts, flys or presses.  *This class is heated to 85-92 degrees 

Vinyasa +HIIT: Bent Yoga Vinyasa with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a popular class that provides high energy, faster movements and that heart rate....however we focus  on the ability to train our Mind to control the breath and bring the heart rate down as quickly as possible after that burst of energy within the body.  *This class is heated to 85-92 degrees.  You will leave this class with a much broader knowledge on how your body functions and how to control the reaction within.  Available to all students who would like to challenge themselves!

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2244 Euler Rd #106, Brighton, MI 48114